2020 Fashion Trends That Will Get You Set For The Next Music Festival

Music and fashion have been in an inseparable bond for a very long time. Many musicians have found a way to express their views and creative side through fashion and vice versa – many fashion designers have found a way to incorporate the influence of certain music periods or artists in some of their collections. Whichever the case, this connection is still strong, especially when it comes to events like big music festivals. Finding inspiration from the biggest one Coachella, the fashion industry has set some new trends regarding the attire and outfits for the music festivals in 2020. Take a look! Discover New Festivals and Find The Cheapest Tickets To Your Favorite Once on Musikka

Neon splash

One of the biggest fashion trends for 2020 is neon colours. The brightness, boldness, and fluorescence of the colours have taken over the festival fashion trends too. The electric colours are perfect for every skin tone and clothes that will bring out your music and fashionable sense. The neon clothing can be worn as a head-to-toe neon outfit, or you can limit yourself only to one piece. Also, mixing neon colours is allowed and looks stylish.

Monochromatic sets

2020 is all about colour. Colours bring happiness and joy in life, as well as on the outfits. Music festivals are the perfect option to flaunt some cool fashionable looks and add some colour to your outfits. Picking a monochromatic outfit will make you stand out in the entire crowd and you might even pop out somewhere on social media with your impeccable monochromatic festival styling.

Metallic glow

Another very big trend that has taken over the fashion industry and will dominate the festival trends too are the metallics. And not only the metallics, everything that shines, shimmers and glitters are in and trendy. The evening elegance is taking over the daily looks, especially in bold version perfect for festival outfits.

Denim shorts

Denim shorts have always been trendy and present on the open-air music festivals. And they continue their dominance this season too. Simple outfits with a cropped t-short, long-sleeved shirt with wrapped sleeves or just a sexy bralette is an extremely cool outfit for your next festival appearance. As for the footwear, some casual ankle boots and sneakers will complete the look.

Although these are the biggest fashion festival trends expected to be seen this year, you can always add your personal touch and input in the outfit with the addition of accessories like vintage sunglasses, hats, cross body bags, layered jewellery, and belts.

Following these fashion suggestions will set you ready for the next music festival appearance!