Updated: Jan 27, 2020

When most of us think of festivals, we think about the big sold-out shows. In reality, the big Sold out shows only add up to a very small percentage of overall festival events. But how did they get sold out? Yes, they had a great act, but it’s more to it than that!

All ticketing strategies can be broken down into one single and simple formula. Supply vs Demand and Price vs Value Instinctively most people already know this, but very few use it and even fewer people use it right! First of all, ask yourself what sort of audience your festival is going to target, then you know what kind of ticket that will match the audience. Which type of people will come to attend? What will be their preference? Find pictures, videos that really match the targeted audience. Once you get the answers, focus on your targeted audience and choose the right options to reach them out.

A guide for…

Event creators who need to sell more tickets to their events, but don’t have the time to do in-depth research and customize social media campaigns for every event.

1. “Blind Bird”, you buy a ticket but does not yet know anything about which artists are going to perform. Usually under a very short of time, and communicate like this ”It took minutes, nay seconds before all of the blind bird tickets were completely sold out”

2. “Early Bird” sales are a great tool. Our research shows the average music fest has five to six different early-sale tiers, offering an average discount of 10%. A discount like that should be small enough to not compromise revenue — and appealing enough to early-bird buyers to give you a nice boost in sales

3. VIP passes are an easy way to bump up revenue without pricing out lower-spending customers. Recent research shows some events bring in 25% of their revenue from VIP sales alone. That could mean anything from exclusive areas to drink discounts to backstage passes to free merch. You even have experience-based advice from a member in the United through Music group, further down

4. Send last year´s attendees discount codes that can only be used by new attendees, so they have an excuse to invite more friends – and widen your fan base

There are many ways of making different “closed” discounts, here are a few:

5. Offer a special discount for groups. A group of ten friends going to the festival, you could offer one ticket free on every 10thticket. Of course, this could be for every 5thticket.

6. If you offer discounts to students – and you will be the talk of the town. Students are great for bringing people together and really enjoy

7. Why not make the whole family come - make family prices! And you will have customers from all different ages talking about your festival (Family-friendly events often see earlier ticket sales. Older and higher-income audiences tend to plan ahead, so your advertising will lean heavily into early efforts.)

8. Don´t forget the group with plenty of time, money and tons of music experiences - The baby boomer! I tell you something more – there are very few festivals targeting this group. Why not be one of them!

9. Continuing on the age issue – offer a special ticket for retired people, maybe from the age of 65 years old

10. Make sure you won´t get any complains on high music, or at least limited them – make a special price for the neighbourhood area

11. If you have a festival for several days, you could offer different kind of packages, 1day, 2days or for the weekend

12. If your festival is at the time of year, when everybody is coming back to work after vacations/holidays, maybe a combination with your festival and a conference and/or some teambuilding – if you offer that. Conference & Festival tickets. Company tickets!

13. I met people that really would love to go to a festival – make it possible for everybody to attend your festival. Reserve seats and make it easy for the disabled to enjoy your festival 14. I met people that really would love to go to a festival – make it possible for everybody to attend your festival. Reserve seats and make it easy for the disabled to enjoy your festival

Comment from a member in the United Through Music Group * and also the CEO at Musikka/ Alexander Kalén. “I would even add that sometimes, using satellite events in combination with ticket/revenue management is a trend, that I think will continue to grow this year. For example, the people that buy VIP tickets also get access to a club night one week before the event. Or to those who buy an Early Bird, or student ticket, gets access to an Open air, this is not only a great way to sell more tickets, but also a great way to do marketing. * United Through Music Group on LinkedIn. With the purpose to share experiences, news, ideas in success and in mistakes. We do this in a friendly, respectful way, with the best interest for everybody in mind Welcome -

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