Bonnaroo 2020 Makeup Inspiration: Glitter and Gloss All Over Face and Body!

Festival makeup looks have gone a long way of development and upgrade since the times when we all went with just a lip gloss on. Bonnaroo, as one the most attended festival in the USA, has seen the most diverse and interesting makeup looks that are not only limited to the face but on the body too. Finding some inspiration from the last years looks, here are some suggestions that present the biggest makeup trends for Bonnaroo 2020:

Get Your Tickets To Bonnaroo Here Face

Creativity and the beauty that the makeup can provide are unique. Especially for Bonnaroo, the glitter, the gloss, and the shiny gems will be present again this 2020. Seeing the popularity this mix had last year, the makeup industry has widened the choices for the girls to experiment with their looks. This year, the glitter on the face comes in more dominant options, in bigger pieces and shapes that on the face become even more eye-catching. The makeup gems are also upgraded in different shapes and sizes, and this year, the looks are elevated using them with the combination of highly pigmented face paint.


Body art has not been very present on the beauty radar for quite some time. It was the music festivals, especially Bonnarro that made a perfect place for its return. Body glitter, in combination with sparkles and dust, is applied to different parts of the body so that the entire festival experience gets a whole new meaning. The beauty market today offers waterproof glitter which is very convenient for the one wearing it because of the crowd, heat and excessive sweating. With only a makeup brush, the body is the canvas and the art you can do on your body is limitless.

Face and body

Since the popularity of the face and body art was so great, the new festival trends suggest combining them two into one. For a bigger effect and greater impression, apply them both on the face and the body. Strategically place the gems on the temples and the chest, creating a nice balance and make them present on these visible sites. The glitter and the dust can come as a fading shadow on the sides. With the face paint, make some interesting and creative lines that will accent the body and the face art and make you shine on this year’s Bonnaroo event.