Dancefestopia 2020: Unique Makeup Looks For A Unique Music Experience

“Emerald City” is the centre of all music events come September. The electronic music festival Dancefestopia is held near Kansas City and lasts for whole 4 days. At that time, lots of artists and bands take the stage of the unique setting of the festival. The visitors enjoy this festival for many different reasons, while the female part of the population shows their makeup creativity and trends with the unique makeup looks. Finding some inspiration from the newest makeup trends, this year, let your creativity and imagination transfer on your face.

Get Your Ticket To Dacefestopia Here Enchanting stars

Eyes are the window of the soul. With that being said, the makeup industry pays great attention to developing different eye products that will make them pop out and accentuate them. Dancefestopia is a unique music event, that supports and encourages the creativity of makeup, color, and art. Contrary to the face sticker gems, this Dancefestopia opts for stars. These stickers will make you look like you have come out of a fairy tale. They can be positioned over the entire lid, under the lid, to the sides, to the inner corners – wherever you like it.

Blue lids

Just in time for flaunting the color of the year 2020 – Classic Blue, Dancefestopia is the perfect time to show some trendiness on your face. The calm and classic blue is the shade that suits all skin tones, and the more pigmented it is, the appearance is bolder and more vibrant. Use it on the lids, covering them all. Powdery, glossy or shiny – all blue shades will work for the festival.

Tie-dye makeup

Tie-dye trends first appeared on fashion garments. Sweatshirts and dresses in all different color combinations are present in the fashion market. On the makeup market, the tie-dye makeup comes in warm and soft colors, that are close to the neon shades. Dancefestopia and its electronic setting come well aligned with this type of makeup. You can try your creativity and artistic skills on the eyes and lips.

Sunflower details

Including a bit of hippie vibe into your makeup looks can be done with the addition of a sunflower. The sunflower inspired looks include and face drawing that looks like sunflowers or glueing some face details that look like sunflower leaves. Let the imagination inspire you in doing something extraordinary and unique.