EDC Makeup Ideas - How To Nail The Best Makeup Look For EDC

EDC, also known as Electric Daisy Carnival, is considered one of the largest electronic dance festival in the world. Held in May, the festival gathers lots of lovers of the electric tunes at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The open concept of the festival, as well as the warm weather, allows the attendees to enjoy unique show followed by a special light and visual effects. In that terms, EDC is known as the place where fashion and beauty lovers can play with their outfits, styles, and makeup. In terms of makeup, EDC is the best place to try some extraordinary looks and take unique photos that will always be a fond memory. Get your tickets to EDC Here

Face gems

If there is one place where you can try the face gems makeup, it is the EDC. The face gems are stickers that are glued to the face, without harming it. They come in different colours and shapes and allow you to play with your creativity. All types of looks are allowed – from discreet to overdone, there is no mistake. Positioned on the forehead, eyes, cheeks or nose, the face gems are very cool for your next EDC appearance.

Holographic makeup

Holographic makeup looks go hand in hand with the entire electric vibe of EDC. Lots of shine, glitter, and sequins work perfectly in creating a deep and holographic look. Silver and gold products are the best to make the tonal contrast gradually blend with the skin. It also looks good with the addition of the face gems. The best place to add the glittery powder is on the temple sides, on the lids and under the eyes.

Daring lips

Doing your lips in some daring colour is a bold move that is definitely a must when it comes to the EDC Music festival. Black, green, blue, yellow and all different colours that are dominating and eye-catching are cool. The colourful lips will give a fabulous finish and an attractive look to the entire makeup. One very cool and unusual look is the glittery lips. You can achieve this with the mixture of lip gloss and glitters, or glitter infused lip product which will make your lip stand out.

These few makeup suggestions are something that is suitable for your next EDC festival experience. Overdoing it and being as eye-catching as possible is the goal and with the light effects, your makeup will be on display.