Electric Forest 2020 Inspired Festival Makeup Tutorial, Rave Makeup, Picture Guidebook

As the name suggests, the atmosphere and everything connected to the Electric Forest Festival is on fire. Flashing lights, strong colours, boiling atmosphere are just some of the things that describe the Electric Forest festival in Michigan. Over the festival weekend, the crowd gathers to enjoy the unique experience that is unrepeatable and fabulous. For the makeup lovers, this event is an excellent option to show of some Electric looks. This summer, let these makeup looks be your inspiration! Click Here for tickets, lineup and the latest news on Electric Forest

Neon makeup

Just like in the fashion industry, neon makeup looks are taking over the market. Adding a pop of colour on your face with the neon shades is something that is definitely a must at the Electric Forest festival. The entire mystique and interesting setting and the electric atmosphere allow the attendees to play with their makeup looks. The neon makeup products ad face paints are more than enough to show off some unique, vibrant, strong and creative looks that will remain remembered. Opt for highly-pigmented makeup products whose colour will pop up.

Graphic eyeliner

The eyeliner today is not some other makeup tool. Just on the contrary – it is much needed artistic piece that will elevate your makeup look at the Electric Forest festival. Playing with the shapes, lines, and colours is not limited only to the eye-lids – on the contrary, you can extend your creative makeup masterpiece all over your face. try some asymmetrical makeup look that will result in enchanted looks. For a greater effect, you can always add some face stickers or gems.

Face creativity

The Electric Forest Festival is just the place to show off your artist creativity, including everything from hair, body and makeup paint. The combination of holographic looks, boho details, abstract lines that create extraordinary looks that show off some internal creative aspirations. With face paint and a makeup brush, the face is only a black canvas that offers lots of options for showing off your makeup and creative moves. For those looking for a more toned-down look, add some stars or flowers to the temple sides of the face and finish with a highly-pigmented eyeshadow.

These 3 makeup looks are just the right makeup inspiration you need for this year’s Electric Forest festival. Enjoy the electric tunes with the exquisite makeup looks in the enchanted electric forest.