Festival Makeup Trends For 2020 That Will Get You Noticed

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Music festivals are not just a place where you gather with your friends and enjoy your favourite tunes and relax. In recent years, they have grown into popular events where you can get loose with your fashion and makeup styles, try something new and see yourself in a different light. Inspired by the world’s fashion and makeup trends, the new festival makeup trends come in close connection with the current fashion styles. So, if you thought that that going makeup-free to a music festival was ok, these suggestions might change your mind.

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Rainbow eyes

The rainbow eye look is one of the biggest festival makeup trends for 2020. And there is an entire message behind it too. The beauty of the rainbow eyes comes of the mixture and tonal change of all the colours in the order as they appear on the rainbow. Start from the lightest colour from the inner corner of your eye, move towards the outer corner and then continue to the lower lids. It is an attractive and beautiful look that will make you stand out and support inclusivity and diversity.

Flash face tattoos

Those who are not big fans of makeup but still want to make their festival appearance unforgettable, the flash face tattoos and embellishments are a great option. They are very popular in the makeup industry, easy to use and remove, and they present a unique and original style. Place them anywhere you want and show your creativity.

Mermaid makeup

The mermaid looks have been on the beauty radar for the last few years and their popularity does not seem to go away this year too. The holographic glitter and a variety of blue and purple shades are the most important makeup products that you will need to nail this look. Use a fishnet that will serve you as a canvas. Any glitter and face gems will only add to the originality of the look.

Bold lipstick

Where to try out some unique lipstick colours if not at a music festival right? The bold lipsticks are a nice way to show off your cool side and present a colourful and playful look. So, if you ever wondered how a blue, green or yellow lipstick will look on your face, this is the time to try it out.

Step out of your comfort zone and try some unique makeup looks that will inspire you to try something new!