Fusion Festival Outfits, Looks and Clothing, Picture Guide

Daring and unique fashion approach at Fusion festival

Germans sure know how to party and enjoy good music. Not only limited to the Germans, but the Fusion festival also gathers visitors and music lovers from all around Europe. Fusion Festival is considered as a music and arts festival that covers different music genres: techno, hip hop, dance, trance, electronic. Just at the beginning of the summer season, this festival is one great event to let loose, enjoy some different scenery and see how the Germans party.

For all that to come together, don't forget that fashion is still a big part of it. This season, you can try out some of these looks, according to the music stage you are visiting.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts have been one of the biggest fashion trends last year. Its popularity and dominance were so influential that the fashionistas wanted more. This year, the bike shorts continue to dominate, particularly in the summer season. They are also the pretty cool and convenient garment of one festival outfit. Its comfortability will make your dancing moves enormously easier and you will look fashionable while doing that.

White Boho dress

Whichever the festival, the Boho style is something unavoidable in terms of fashion. Those who are dwelling over what to wear, be sure that you cannot ever go wrong with a white Boho dress. The length does not play a big role in terms of trendiness – it is entirely up to you to choose what to wear. The dress can include other details, embellishment, and additions in color, as long as the white base is present.

Wide-sleeve tops

A fashionable and trendy piece that works very well for festivals is the top with wide sleeves. The versions of this garment can be quite various: with bare shoulders, with a wrap-up neckline, with puff sleeve, etc. Each of these pairs nicely with the bike shorts which delivers an entirely fashionable outfit.

Fanny packs

Another very popular trend that started last year and is still going strong is the fanny pack. This small, but very practical accessory is a convenient and comfortable piece that will keep all your belongings and valuables safely stored. The newest and fresher version of the fanny pack comes in the form of a belt bag, which is also very popular and cool.

From all of the above mentioned Fusion festival 2020 fashion suggestions, rest assured that Europe will see you and accept your fashion choice.