Get Freaky Festival Makeup, Picture Guide

Get your freaky makeup on point

Outside of Salt Lake City in Utah, Get freaky is a one of a kind festival that has an entirely new vibe and groove than the other music festivals. The two-day event offers an electronic experience that comes with accompanying dark and scary looks, both present as fashion outfits and makeup looks. If you are willing to show off your dark side, try some of these looks:

Black Lipstick

The black lipstick is a must when it comes time for Get Freaky festival. The whole dark mood is best described with the dark lip. The freaky and scary look comes from black lips, which can be achieved with a matte or glossy finish. The makeup market offers lots of black lipsticks, but you can also make the look work with a black crayon eye pencil. For a bit more fashionable look, add some sparkles to the temple sides.

Voodoo Doll Makeup

The previous Get freaky festivals have seen a lot of face drawings, that mostly resemble the look of a voodoo doll. Horror and scary looks that are also a great inspiration for Halloween too, appear on this thematic festival. The stitches, the dark eyes, the skeleton looks are something that is truly freaky and comes as an original look for the festival. Again, the use of black crayon pencil and some artistic movement will make you nail the perfect scary face.

Goth Eyes

Goth vibe is also a very associated look when it comes to Freaky festival. It is mostly seen by the accent put on the dark and scary eyes. Crying eyes, the oversized lashes, and fading color are just some of the look characterizing the goth style. What is a signature about the style of this look is that the colors look bleached, faded and smudged. If black is too much for you, you can always make the eyes look more colorful with presenting a fading rainbow.

Holographic Glow

A bit contrary to the expected dark and scary looks that are very trendy for the Get Freaky festival is the holographic glow. Achieving this look and glow requires using special shades and face paints that are highly pigmented and metallic. The colors that you will need to nail the perfect holographic look are pink, violet, silver and white. The balanced and gradual toning only to the one side of the face will provide an exquisite look and appearance.