Governors Ball 2020 Outfit Ideas: Quick Style Guide For The Best Experience

Every city has its own music festival that gathers the people during the summertime. Find Festivals in Your City Here. New Yorkers know how to party, that is undeniable, and lots of people gather to enjoy the performances of their favourite artists. Governors Ball is held at Randalls Island Park on Randalls Island which contributes to the unique waterfront experience and enjoyment. People gather there by boat and ferries which completes the entire atmosphere and the whole summer mood. Fashion is a big part of these kinds of events because you can spot or detect some of the coolest fashion trends.

Since the happening is at the beginning of June, the fashion outfit definitely involves summer clothes. Here is a quick guide on what to consider wearing this year:

1. Overalls

Overalls are one of the most common and expected looks when it comes to open space music festivals. The fashion market today allows different kinds of overalls – in the form of shorts, mini skirt, and the regular ones. They are comfortable, trendy and practical. For the summer season, you can try wearing some sexy bralette underneath it, cropped top or even a swimsuit top.

2. Dangling ruffles and tassels

The dangling ruffles and tassels are details that are associated with the ‘70s and ‘80s style. They usually appear as additions to the clothes and accessories. for the summer festival season, the dangling ruffles can be found on leather jackets and crossbody bags. The tassels on the other side can be found on the belts, in the form of jewelry and details on shoes and bags.

3. Crop tops with bare shoulders

Summertime is the perfect time to show some skin and abs. the crop tops have appeared on the fashion radar a long time ago, and for the festival occasions, they come in the form of bare shoulders and ruffled sleeves. They are feminine, cool and style greatly with ripped jeans, shorts or miniskirts.

4. Western-inspired accessories

Western flair is always a good choice to bring to the music festival. The western-inspired boots, belts, vests, and hats are just some of the things that you add to your outfit.

5. Layered jewellery

The trend of layering the jewellery is continuing with its strong dominance in all fields. Small and thin or big and attractive, layering the chockers, bracelets or other necklaces with charms and pendants is something that you can flaunt on your next festival appearance.