Mystery Land Festival Outfits

Mystery Land Creativity and color on the highest level

Europe and the US have a different take when it comes to open music festivals. Each unique in its way, Mystery Land is one of the most famous festivals in electronic dance music. Regularly held at the end of August in the Netherlands, Mystery Land gathers an enormous number of people from the whole of Europe who wants to enjoy the electronic beats. European crowd also has an interesting approach towards the festival fashion and it is a bit different than the one overseas.

If you are planning on visiting Netherlands and Mystery Land this year, be prepared to show off your appropriate fashion approach to this event.

Flower crowns

The flower crowns are very popular in the land of tulips. The flower has a special significance to the crowd there, so flower crowns, with big, bold and colorful leaves are something worth considering. These do not come close to Boho style – they are modern, trendy and cool details that make a nice addition to any outfit.

Lace tops

Lace is one of the most feminine fabrics and a very cool choice for summer. It is fashionable and light and lets the skin breathe. For the festival event, the lace comes on different tops ranging from look-a-like bralettes to lace bodysuits. Every color shade is available and the look you will flaunt is more than sexy.

Shiny bottoms

Electronic beats are usually connected with bright, shiny lights and colors. From a fashion point of view, keeping up with that vibe can be done by wearing some shiny bottoms. Long or short, it is up to personal preference to make this style work for you. For a greater and more eye-catching effect, pair the shiny bottoms with the above-mentioned lace top.

Space bodysuits

Getting in full electronic beats mood cannot go without silver foil bodysuit. The abstract space comes well-aligned with the electronic visual set and can easily transform you into a whole new mood. The palette of silver-foil bodysuits is quite various, and it does not have to be limited only to that shade. For completing the look, choose some platform boots that will visually make your legs longer.

The entire experience at the Mystery festival will be unforgettable if you let your imagination work for you in choosing some interesting and unique outfits that you don’t get a chance to wear anywhere else.