Stagecoach Fashion Inspo Outfits For 2020

There is something special and interesting in country music. Popular in the past, the country music today lives in certain areas and small towns in the USA – just like we see it in the movies. However, for the great number of country music lovers, there a big event that comes in the form of the festival - Stagecoach. Held in California, it gathers thousands of people who enjoy different country music, country rock, southern rock, and other genres. And not to forget the fashion thing – the girls are enjoying rocking the full country fashion mode. Stagecoach 2020 is coming soon and these fashion accessories and details will make your look on point.

Get Your Ticket To Stagecoach Here These cowboy boots were made for walking

The cowboy boots are the biggest footwear trend when it comes to rocking the country style. Many fashion brands and designers have recreated the famous cowboy boot into modern female versions. The variety of colors, the height of the booth and heel, as well as the embellishments and details, will complete each outfit and give it the right dose of country style.

Hats on fire

Under the hot Californian sun, the thing that is in a country style and will keep the shade is the cowboy hat. This one too has new and fresh versions that come in line with the modern fashion trends. Some lines are borrowed from fedora and some are kept from the vintage cowboy one – the result is a popular piece, with a wide brim, that comes in many colors and details on it.

‘70s fringes

Who would have taught that the ‘70s fringes will come back in 2020 as a fashion trend, and just in time for Stagecoach. Continuing in the country vibe, fringes have found their place on many clothing garments - leather jackets, vests, tops, bags, even on swimsuits.

Wild cats’ print

If other festivals flaunt the Boho inspired floral prints, Stagecoach is all about the animal print. And from all those out here, the wild cats’ ones are the most popular. The combination of hot weather and sexy leopard print will make the atmosphere burning. Kimonos, skirts, shorts and even open-toe footwear in this print are a total hit.

With these styling suggestions, Stagecoach 2020 will be the best place where you can enjoy country music and trendy fashion at once.