Sunfest Fashion Guide 2020

Sunfest is one of the most popular beach festivals. Taking place in West Palm Beach. The beach vibe, the warm weather and the popular bands participating in this festival make it an unforgettable experience. Just like on many other festivals, the female part of the population finds its pleasure in flaunting some unique fashion styles. If you are planning on going to Sunfest festival, let this guide help you out in your fashion choices. Get Your Sunfest Ticket Here

Long dress + belt bag

One of the trending combos for this summer festival season is the combination of a longs dress and a belt bag. As separates, the long dress is a common summer choice for girls. The belt bag appeared as a new accessories trend that works for all seasons and over different types of clothes. For the best possible comfort, choose some cool sneakers that will complement the entire look and make dancing easier.

Kimono + shorts

Fashionability and trendiness come together in the paring of a kimono with shorts. The shorts are perfect for the Sunfest festival. They let the skin breathe and make the movement much easier and convenient. The kimono, on the other hand, comes as a fashionable addition that elevates the festival look at a higher level. Under the kimono, you can wear a sleeveless t-shirt or some cool bra. Any additional accessories like sunnies, hat and jewellery will complete this fabulous festival look.

Crop top + high-waisted shorts

If you want to bring some style and high-end fashion look to Sunfest, then the option to go for is a matching set of crop top and high waisted shorts. This set presents a whole outfit and look that is super cool for the festival. The print can be boho-inspired, floral, stripes or anything else you like. You can finish it up with loafers, sneakers or some comfy flats.

Swimsuit + mini skirt

Among the fashionistas and celebrities attending the Sunfest, the swimsuit as a top and mini skirt as a bottom are a no-miss look. The one version of this look is wearing a swimsuit bra with a mini skirt, and the other is a one-piece swimsuit with a denim skirt. Whichever the option, the look is fabulous and very cool.

Sunfest is waiting for you. Pick your fashion favorite and enjoy Florida!