Wonderfruit Festival Makeup, Picture Guide

Wonderfruit makeup looks that are the ultimate festival inspiration

Thailand is not only known as an exotic tourist destination. Its sandy beaches and turquoise waters are also a great attraction for all those who want to come and enjoy the unique arts, music and lifestyle festival Wonderfruit. The name of the festival sounds quite exotic too, which inspires the female visitors to think a bit outside of the box when it comes to their makeup looks.

To make the most out of your trip to Wonderfruit festival, here are some makeup trends and makeup look inspirations:

Colored Eyebrows

Something entirely unexpected but very appropriate for the Wonderfruit festival is the colored eyebrows. This is a completely new trend, never seen so far and it is expected to dominate the festival makeup. It is presented with the pop of color on the eyebrows which can be asymmetrical or symmetrical. The face paint or highly-pigmented eyeshadows can work for this area on the face. The final look is something unique and extraordinary.

Turquoise details

The turquoise Thailand water is more than enough makeup inspiration. This color can come anywhere on the face, in the form of detail or full-on color. Turquoise is a vivid, vibrant and bold color, perfect for the summer season and leaves a great accent when applied in the form of makeup. The many makeup looks involving this shade for a festival makeup include turquoise lipstick, eyeliner or creative lines on the face.

Indie-inspired makeup

The Indie-inspired makeup comes as a frequent makeup choice for the festival events. The face stickers, glitter, and gems are all Indie inspired and very popular in the makeup industry. For the Wonderfruit festival, its positioning is mainly on the forehead, over the eyebrows and falling down the nose. The look can be completed with come pigmented eyeshadow, which will make the eyes pop out.

Glitter all-over

One repeating trend considering the festival makeup is the glitter. Glitter is the best way to elevate your look, make your face dominant and colored, but with a new dimension. The glitter gives a depth and a dimension to those parts on the face you want to be accepted. Wonderfruit is just the right occasion to try something new, play with colors and present a look that is new to you. Eyelids and the lips are a must for glitter, and everywhere else you want it is just an addition and a big plus to your look.